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Sporobole believes in the artist’s fundamental role in contemporary society. Committed to critical discourse and the production of knowledge, it promotes interdisciplinary approaches, collaborative encounters and exchanges between artistic domains which break down the barriers between forms of knowledge. Sensitivity to the diversity of contexts, rigour and excellence are at the heart of its activities.



Create. The artist at the centre of developing knowledge.

Cooperate. Innovative encounters and projects: the future of collaborations.

Transform. Communities inspired by artistic activity.



Sporobole is an artist-run centre which acts as a catalyst for artistic enquiry and creation through encounters between artistic practices and fields of knowledge in the digital age.

By means of a flexible, inclusive and collaborative approach, the centre supports innovative projects and risk-taking at every step of the artistic process, from the development of concepts to enquiry, production and dissemination.

This integrated context gives rise to encounters between different communities by breaking down the barriers between forms of knowledge. In this way, Sporobole reaffirms the role of artists and their work in contemporary society.


Mandate and Activities

Sporobole is a unique venue with a mandate to promote artistic enquiry and production and the dissemination of contemporary art in the digital age. The organisation supports every contemporary, new and critical practice which uses, interrogates, reconstructs or revisits the very idea of the digital and its tools. Sporobole adopts a resolutely conteporary approach in which the question of critical discourse is the basis of knowledge.

In order to encourage the breaking down of barriers between forms of knowledge, of which art is one of the most essential, and to reaffirm the role of artists in the creation of new knowledge, Sporobole develops partnerships with organisations, groups and research institutes across disciplines, as well as with a variety of private or non-profit organisations interested in taking part in arts projects. In this way, Sporobole develops unique contexts for artistic enquiry, production and dissemination and mobilises heterogeneous strengths, expertise and disciplines around artists’ endeavours and interrogations.

Given the objectives it pursues, Sporobole privileges long-term projects which integrate all aspects of artistic creation (enquiry, production and dissemination) and which are developed in collaboration with the centre’s resource people and its interdisciplinary partners. This collaboration can take the form of residencies for artistic enquiry and production, professional development activities, co-productions, projects for dissemination in galleries, public spaces or non-traditional venues places, or projects joining all of these elements. Sensitive to the relations between artistic practices and their contexts, Sporobole seeks to establish production, professional development and dissemination contexts which are adapted to each practice and which encourage their renewal. As a venue for promoting contemporary art, Sporobole thus assists artists in developing their practice, in acquiring new knowledge and skills, in gaining new audiences and partners, and in their ways of thinking in the face of the transformation of their practice.

In order to support the production of these new forms of knowledge, Sporobole provides the local, national and international arts community spaces for artistic enquiry, production and dissemination devoted to creation and experimentation. The organisation thus has a laboratory for immersive sound creation and spatialisation, a 4K and 3D video creation laboratory, an exhibition space, multi-purpose spaces and studio-residences for artists.