salivam label rev1


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Special thanks to Tanya St-Pierre and Gaétan Desmarais for this photo capture of a video work in progress.

Salivam is the Latin word for saliva. Salivam is also the name of my new anti-aging skin care product being developed as part of my research with Denis Groleau. The cream contains the bacterial enzymes (which we believe are collagenases since they rapidly digest collagen, but certainly proteases nonetheless) we have isolated and extracted from my saliva and from soil samples, as well as plant-based anthocyanins found in Clitoria ternatea (Butterfly Blue Pea flowers). Additionally, our next experiments will utilize a new phenolic compound called Quebecol, which is derived from Quebec maple syrup – whether or not I use this in the end is uncertain – for now, this aspect is speculative. I may also add a natural fragrance if the maple scent isn’t pronounced enough. The bacterial enzymes will quickly exfoliate (eat) the top layer of skin cells, counteracted by the rejuvenating antioxidant properties of the anthocyanin extract along with the Quebecol phenols. Plus, anthocyanins promote new collagen formation, and will also give a roseate glow to the skin as its pH sensitivity reacts to the acids on the skin and changes colour from blue to pink. Total skin renewal and glow for an anti-aging effect! Bio-art that solves world problems!

This product will be on display, along with a demo video, during my exhibition (of the same name) at Sporobole at the end of the year.

More to come.

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Clitoria ternatea flower.