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25.07 — 07.08 / 2022

Sound creation residency

Student at the master’s degree in sound creation at the Université de Montréal, Marie Anne Bérard was offered a two-week artist residency at Sporobole in July and August 2022. The sound work resulting from this residency will be broadcast in the sound window.


Almanac (n.): a paper work published annually and used as an instrument of orientation in time. The almanac contains all the important events of a specific day – called ephemeris – as well as tips and tricks, poems, stories and legends. It is always different and changes according to the interactions of the public and new astronomical and weather predictions.

Inspired by the concept of the almanac, the work will be presented as a sound log in which the artist will have recorded her daily observations and moods throughout her residency and transformed them into compositional material. These sounds will have various origins: synthesizer sequences, words, soundscapes recorded each day, etc. Each speaker in the sound window will broadcast the sounds of a different day, thus provoking various interactions between these time capsules. Together, these sounds will constitute the almanac with which the public will be invited to interact using an interface that will allow them to leaf through the pages and transform, manipulate and spatialize the sounds to create their own version of the diary. In this way, the audience becomes both performer and composer of the sound diary.

As an infinitely renewable source of energy, Almanac proposes to link the public to the immutable phenomena of our environment and to live in harmony amongst them. This approach reminds us of the importance of marvelling at what surrounds us, and that everything is music.