18.07 — 30.11 / 2022

Recipient of the Interactive Cinematic Virtual Reality Creation Residency offered by PRIM and Sporobole, Julie Favreau will benefit from the know-how of both centres in the realization of her next project.


Quickening  – working title

Since 2005, Julie Favreau has been working at the crossroads of choreography and sculpture, mainly through the fabrication of images. Her knowledge of the body’s contact with the inanimate allows her to approach artificial intelligence in the field of bioethics.

Her films, sculptures and photographs examine the decisive role that spiritual and erotic power plays in our relationship with the “augmented human”. Her works are invitations to a return to intuition, tactility and a physically embodied form of knowledge.

 As part of the Prim/Sporobole residency, Favreau is developing an interactive cinematic virtual reality work that is part of a multiscreen project consisting of a short film, sculptures and sensory experiences.



The scene is set in the year 2223, a parallel space-time, or perhaps what some call the new medieval era. In a setting evoking a newly populated forest, we meet people who interact, like us, with a BLOB, a thing, an artificial intelligence, which accompanies them in a everyday life to imagine. The protagonists teach, demonstrate and experiment with possible techniques and attitudes of interaction with this speculative A.I.


The artists, designers and technicians essential to the project are : Stacey Désilier (performer), Guillaume Lévesque (creative developer), Bruno Bélanger (sound designer), Sylvain Cossette (colorist and image support), Charles-Étienne Brochu (CGI animation and textures), Magalie Leclerc Casavant (shooting assistance). Julie Favreau would like to thank the two centers and all the associated participants for this exceptional and unique creation and production residency.


About the residency : PRIM and SPOROBOLE have joined forces to offer a creative residency that takes advantage of their mutual skills: PRIM’s expertise in film production, and SPOROBOLE’s expertise in the creation of interactive virtual reality works. With a $10,000 stipend and more than $30,000 in services, this three-month residency offers the artist the opportunity to create an interactive cinematic virtual reality work that includes both filmed components and interaction devices.


Photo credit : Julie Favreau, video still