07.11.2023 / 18.01.2024
Estelle Schorpp en résidence de création sonore. Une collaboration avec SPorobole et l'Université de Sherbrooke

Over the next few weeks, Estelle Schorpp will be undertaking a research project funded by the Mitacs Accélération program, in partnership with Université de Sherbrooke and Sporobole.

Estelle Schorpp’s residency is part of a large-scale research and creation project titled ÉTRANGÉS (Expériences de TRANsmission et de GÉnération Sonore), which aim is to raise awareness among people living in a given location about the importance of listening to their sound environment, by broadcasting original works in public spaces.

Using a device specifically designed for prolonged outdoor broadcasting, developed at the Centre de Recherche acoustique-signal-humain de l’Université de Sherbrooke (CRASH-UdeS), the ecology oriented pieces will be played in parks, passageways and public squares. Mediation workshops will also be organized to educate the public about urban sound ecology.

The project has a twofold objective: on the one hand and in the medium term, to create permanent installations and propose a program of sound environments over time; on the other, to create spatialised and controlled sound fields for scientific communication and artistic performance.

The technical basis of the proposal lies in setting up a network of wireless, autonomous loudspeakers that can flexibly broadcast works or generate prescribed sound fields. The work will be carried out in part at Université de Sherbrooke by professors Olivier Robin and Manuel Melon in the first half of 2023. An artistic and scientific collaboration will also be prepared specifically for the sound biennial.

For her part, Estelle Schorpp, in collaboration with Sporobole, will be in charge of the artistic aspect, testing the sound device developed by CRASH. She will propose a work derived from the wide-ranging possibilities of this sound spatialization tool. The result will be presented over two days, at a venue to be determined.

Estelle Schorpp has previously presented a work entitled Anémochorie in our 2021 sound showcase. This work is now available on our Déjà-vu platform.



About CRASH-UdeS:

Founded in 2019, CRASH-UdeS brings together twenty experts from the fields of engineering, health sciences, musical arts and sound. As an interdisciplinary research center, the CRASH-UdeS’s mission is to use these different skills to improve the quality of human life and enhance knowledge in these fields.


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