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03.06 — 03.07 / 2021

Estelle Schorpp, a master’s student in composition and sound creation at University of Montreal, has been offered an artist residency at Sporobole center en art actuel from 11.01.2021 to 24.01.2021. The work will be diffused from 03.06.2021 to 03.07.2021 via the sound window: a permanent device of audio artworks which skirts the frontage of Sporobole.

Wind is a meteorological phenomenon that plays several important roles in ecosystems. The one that interests me in particular is the phenomenon of anemochemistry, which is the dispersion of diasporas. It is the main mode of dispersion of about 90% of plant species. The wind disperses life.
The generative work anemochory uses data on the strength of the wind to subtly vary sounds, structures and space. The general aesthetics of this piece is an aesthetics of the “almost inaudible” (Max Neuhaus, Les pianos ne poussent pas sur les arbres, 2019), thought for the place of passage that is the street. The sound materials are subtly and plausibly integrated into the sound environment of the street and the structure slowly unfolds in time and space, playing with the threshold of perception. Like the wind that disseminates the living without our knowledge, I propose a work that unfolds with or without us. My artistic intention is to question (without imposing) our relationship with the environment in which we evolve every day: the attention we pay to it and the place we occupy in it.

– Estelle Schorpp