David Ledoux


Graduating from the University of Montréal with a master’s degree in composition and sound creation, David Ledoux was offered a two-week artist residency at Sporobole centre en art actuel.

16 – 22.02/2020 and 05 – 11.04/2020

// Possible sound fields //

The project entitled Possible sound fields proposes a work of ambient musical aesthetics, where medial and immediate sound ambiences are intertwined, in order to offer passers-by a sound experience that encourages them to contemplate and imagine possible places. Being designed for continuous broadcasting in an outdoor public space, the project is part of a sound ecology and urban design approach: by exploiting digital in situ sound diffusion devices, such as the sound window of Sporobole, the artist wishes to raise awareness among passers-by and citizens of the positive effects of urban planning that integrates sound art; by associating the sound landscapes of vacant spaces with those of developed public spaces and by sharing these environments between two cities, the work aims to beautify and make people discover, through sound, the unknown, unusual or difficult to access areas of Quebec urban territory, both for local citizens and visitors.

– David Ledoux