Daniel Danis
04.09 — 18.11 / 2023
L'artiste Daniel Danis à Sporobole et 0/1-Hub numérique

Sporobole is delighted to welcome Daniel Danis for a second production residency! With the help of the resources offered by the Studio-labo of 0/1-Hub numérique, the artist is working on the technological enhancement of his work Un Ouvrage sans fin.

In homage to the displaced of the earth, Un ouvrage sans fin is a poetic action born from the feeling of experiencing writing like a livable, mobile, fragile and unpredictable sphere.

In residence at Sporobole, Daniel Danis aims to incorporate writing in the space so that the body itself becomes writing. By his posture, by voice, by gestures and by using various materials, the artist tries to seize the chaos, the exile, the abandonment, the distress, the oblivion of those who walk to flee their land in danger.

Inspired by wabi-sabi – a spiritual disposition derived from Zen Buddhist principles and Taoism – the space is constructed by adding materials and workstations. Thus, improvised writings accumulate on small or large surfaces, on strips of cotton canvas or on paper, on the floor or on the wall. A sound device participates in the piling up of layers: sounds rise and are recorded in a cloud that constitutes a sound memory, a trace of events, before falling back on the work surface like a rain of words in resonance with new poetic actions. These objects take the form of micro-narratives that furnish the room. Undoing, doing and redoing, and then starting over are the very gestures at the root of Un ouvrage sans fin.


Un ouvrage sans fin is a work created by Daniel Danis in collaboration with Dominic Thibault for the sound creation and the design of a sensitive memory software.


Photo credit: François Lafrance