Digital Audio – Theory and Practice
(2 sessions of 7 hours + 1 day of practical workshop by appointment)

Trainer: Philippe-Aubert Gauthier or Frédéric Dutertre

Basic training for artists who want to develop their skills in publishing and digital sound creation. The training includes a theoretical block of 7 hours, a 4-hour individual work session in Sporobole’s sound creation studio, and a 4-hour group presentation of individual work.

Targeted clientele: artists in digital arts and audio art who wish to acquire basic knowledge in digital audio and sound creation.

At the end of this training you will be able to :

– understand fundamental digital audio
– work with a digital audio sequencer (Reaper and Ableton Live in this course)
– Understand audio signal processing, equalization, dynamic compression, modulation, and mastering.

Target audience: Digital artists, sound designers, musicians and composers.

Location: Sporobole, 74 Albert Street, Sherbrooke (audio laboratory)

Number of participants: 10 max

Price of the training: $160.00

Expected date: May 16 and 30, 2015