21.10 — 21.10 / 2010


Improvisation, immersion and mysticism: this is the Organ Mood duo. Mathieu Jacques’ projections of abstract, geometric and organic motifs support and inspire Christophe Lamarche’s repetitive, melodic and hypnotic compositions. A captivating combination that plunges their audience into a contemplative, introspective, optimistic state, where the visions of the spectators become the centre of creation.

Organ Mood’s sound and projections are influenced by the electrical and electronic instruments they have collected and connected. A beatbox, a synth and a sequencer support an electronic organ with which Christophe improvises his pieces without using pre-programmed sequences. The result is reminiscent of Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Delia Gonzales & Gavin Russom. The sound of the organ echoes in the overhead projectors that Mathieu Jacques uses to create live luminous compositions by superimposing coloured or silkscreened transparencies, he scrapes or draws images reminiscent of Norman McLaren or Paper Rad. Their performances are close to the ritual, a comparison that the duo uses to remind us of the exchange they develop with the spectator, the impression created of being in a unique place and moment.

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Reservation: Éric Desmarais 819-821-2326