17.05 — 19.05 / 2024

Festival analogue

May 17 to 19, 2024

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What is the fundamental role of yesterday’s obsolete, low-tech technologies and handmade craft practices today and in the near future? This is a question that Sporobole seeks to answer by inviting various local artists and communities to take part in cultural mediation activities during our Mois pédagogique. These actors explore social, political and community engagement, as well as cultural nostalgia, by using analog technologies, or by investing themselves in initiatives focused on manual creation, thus moving away from screens and digital platforms.



Futur antérieur exhibition

Opening : Friday, May 17 at 5 p.m.

The Futur antérieur exhibition highlights the artistic work of Club de dessin Sherbrooke, La Ruche d’Art du Tremplin 16-30 and two initiatives from Colombia: La Linterna and Juntanza Danza. The various proposals explore how analog creation – through printing techniques, drawing, or artisanal and DIY creation – contributes significantly to community vitality and social engagement.

La Linterna and Juntanza Danza have in common the use of printed arts to ensure an authentic representation of local diversities by taking to the streets of Cali, Colombia, with printed posters. Le Tremplin 16-30 fosters social and community involvement by promoting free, handmade creations as part of their Ruche d’Art workshops. As for the Club de dessin Sherbrooke, it aims to create links and exchanges between people through collective drawing.

Futur antérieur focuses on how pre-digital creation can shape our future. In response to the pandemic, in reaction to the acceleration of artificial intelligence or to highlight under-represented communities, the exhibition aims to bear witness to the role analog creation plays in contemporary development.


Sherbrooke Record Fair and Fanzine Market

Saturday, May 18, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

En collaboration avec La Foire du disque de Sherbrooke et le Club de Zines, Sporobole organise un marché dédié aux vinyles et aux fanzines! L’événement mettra en vedette 15 vendeurs et vendeuses de vinyles en provenance de Sherbrooke, Montréal et Québec dans la galerie de Sporobole. De plus, le Club de Zines de Sherbrooke animera un kiosque dans le vivarium et proposera diverses activités autour du fanzine. Venez découvrir la passion autour du disque vinyle et de l’art indépendant!


Riso printing workshop and urban collage

Sunday, May 19, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Riso printing workshop

Risography is a printing process derived from silkscreening that uses a duplicator called a risograph to create works with a unique look. Come and explore the world of risography in a workshop open to everyone! Using collage and risography techniques, you can create a unique print or a small zine.

All materials provided. Feel free to bring your own images.

Workshop on a rotary base.

Public: Adults and teenagers.

Urban collage (Wheat Paste) | Collective creation of a mural

Urban collage (more commonly known as wheat paste or paste up) is a technique that involves gluing posters to surfaces, normally using a mixture of flour and water. As an accessible and inexpensive means of creating and democratizing art, wheat paste helps to diversify voices and perspectives in urban space, fostering a dynamic social and political dialogue.

We invite you to collaborate with artists to create a mural on one of Sporobole’s exterior walls! No experience necessary. Come alone, with family or friends: everyone’s welcome!



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