Sound & AV performances at La Petite Boîte Noire – Septembre 09, 2022 – 9 pm


MIRAGE (2022)

Le désert mauve


Mirage is inspired by the experience of a solitary walk in the desert. Here, the living tissues become scarce. The plant cover becomes lighter and reveals a bare ground as far as the eye can see, covered with mineral matter eroded by the rays. This non-place, defined by the trajectory of the sun, loses us in its immensity. The star rises towards its zenith, burns over our heads  until that particular moment when, under the effect of the heat, the horizon begins to undulate and to shimmer with sparkling pools on the retinal wall. Here, this perceptive alteration is also translated through the sound domain , with the help of analog synthesizers. The granular materials dissolve and become fluid, tonic, as imaginary worlds land between the dunes. The images are also produced from analog video synthesis, and also  from real time recordings-altered by a circuit-bending process-of a landscape model made of mirrored parts. A vibrating light produced from the electrical signal makes the forms appear and disappear. The uncertain nature of the observed landscape, at the limit of abstraction, seems to oscillate between filmed shots and synthesized visuals, an ambiguity that reflects our relationship to reality when a mirage appears.