The sound window is a linear installation of 16 loudspeakers integrated into the façade of the Sporobole building. It blends in the urban landscape by following a way frequented by the numerous pedestrians of the city center. Conceived as a platform of projection and spatialization of sound artworks, it authorizes approaches of fixed or moving spatial compositions. Thus, it offers a listening point either of proximity, while the passers-by are exposed to one or a few loudspeakers, or global, while the passers-by are exposed to all the loudspeakers from a more distant point of the street. In the end, it is an opportunity for Sporobole to invest the public space and to offer an artistic experience within the routine and daily life of a sometimes involuntary audience.


16 Loudspeakers : 

TIC ASP120 6-1/2″ Outdoor Speaker • Specifications: • Frequency response: 35-19,000 Hz • 6 ohm impedance • Power handling: 75 watts RMS/150 watts max • SPL: 88dB



HIFI Digital Amplifier

Output power: (DC 32V) 160W/4Ω; THD=10%

Input Level: 400mv to 2V

Sound cards:

Aurora Lynx 16 USB

PC Computer and Software 

The playback device is a PC computer running Windows 7

The software available (could be used for playback or generative works) are: 

  • Reaper DAW
  • ReSurround (for sound spatialization)
  • Max/MSP 
  • Pure-Data, freeware 
  • SuperCollider, freeware 
  • Csound or other standard audio freeware 

Sound lab:



Inauguration of the sound window during EIM 2013: