Animation is a universally known cinematographic technique that comes in a multitude of formats. Despite the wide range of different processes such as cartoon, stop motion or computer generated images, all these methods have as a common denominator that they were made frame by frame. For our workshops, we have focused on the stop motion technique.

These workshops are offered in a variety of formats, but regardless of the length of time chosen, they emphasize a variety of creative and educational skills and promote teamwork. By getting involved in all stages of the project, whether it be scriptwriting, set design or filming, each student assumes an important role that contributes to the success of the entire team!

All our workshops are flexible and adaptable to your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss and establish a game plan that works for you!

In 2016-2017, Sporobole received an Essor award for the project Parcours migratoire et cinéma d’animation in collaboration with the École des Quatre-Vents of the Commission scolaire de la Région-de-Sherbrooke.




Silence we’re shooting! Creating animated movies with a tablet is possible!

Conceived as an invitation to discover the visual and cinematographic processes of a film, this workshop is part of a process of education and thinking about image and sound. By participating in all stages of the filmmaking process step by step: screenplay creation, set design, filming and sound, students learn the basics of several mediums such as drawing, sculpture, photography and writing. And just like in the world of cinema, this workshop encourages teamwork!

Using an electronic tablet and the CATEATER application, students will be able to easily create frame-by-frame animated films in a few simple steps, including sound and music tapes.

Workshop available for Elementary Cycle 2, Cycle 3 and High School


For more information, please contact :

Erik Beck
Responsible for educational programs