Event organized by VIVA! Art Action

In recent years, the relationship between performance art and the image has been dominated by the question of documentation. As such, we commonly think of image making as a tool for capturing and communicating live works to future audiences. In other words, the action is commonly assumed to generate the image.

In contrast, Roche Photo Ciseaux invites three artists to invert the expected relationship by considering how images can be used to generate actions. During a creation residency at Centre SAGAMIE, Sarah Chouinard-Poirier, Mathieu Lacroix and Steve Giasson will develop new performances that explore photographs and other printed visuals as a performance material rather than as documentation. The resulting actions will be presented at Le Lobe (Chicoutimi), at Sporobole and at VIVA! Art Action (Montréal).


SAGAMIE  is a contemporary research, creation and production centre that is open to all artists whose practices connect to issues related to the contemporary image.

The artist-run centre LOBE develops itself on three complementary axes:  creation, presentation and mediation, so as to bridge the continuum between artist’s work and the brouhaha of events; between art, theory and action; between the object and the performative.

VIVA! Art Action oversees the production of events linked to the presentation and advancement of action art practices and knowledge. This includes performance art and its related forms.

Sporobole is an artist-run centre that acts as a catalyst for artistic enquiry and creation through encounters between artistic practices and fields of knowledge in the digital age.