Please note that there will be a screening evening with the curators on November 2 at 7 pm.

Projektraum LS43 presents


The Berliner off-space exhibition format Projektraum LS43 is pleased to present WHAT IS GERMANY, a two-parts video art program curated by Jos Diegel.

The includes 24 artworks, involving diverse video and film techniques, presenting hectic perspectives on how can one understand Germany nowadays. The first part of it (PART 1) is made of thirteen videos and the second one (PART 2) consists in eleven films.

As the title suggest, WHAT IS GERMANY is a project meant to challenge our eyesight and appreciation of this geographic part of the world. However, the approach that led to the development of this project don’t put the focus on constructed concepts such as nationality, origin or language. By adopting such a larger understanding, the artworks shown through this exciting program are aiming to present singulars understandings and inquests about digital populism and propaganda. It submits an overview of Germany’s art-film-scene and intends to engage an active reflection about growing, significant questions, issues and visions concerning the German actual context and environment.

The questions, issues and visions raised by all works of the program WHAT IS GERMANY are meant to initiate thoughts, ideas and critics and to build a dialogue between visitors, passers-by and the place of screening itself, which is why this program is designed to be shown in an open-space, rather than in a classical cinematic-format. Challenging such problematics this type of problem necessarily leads to personal and collective reflection, and the exhibition space is considered here as a tool, that accompanies this invitation to think.
WHAT IS GERMANY – detailed program

I CAN. YOU CAN., 8min, 2012 – Marko Schiefelbein

TRAINING, 8min, 2014 – Julia Charlotte Richter

GEKOCHTER SCHNEE, 7min, 2010 – Zhu Xiaowen

JUSTICE HAS TO BE DONE, 8min, 2014 – Franz Reimer

FILM POEM,  3min, 2018
 – Marcus A. Littler

GHOTS AFTER HOUR, 5min, 2014 – Stella Schimmele

NEST:FLUCHT, 6min, 2000 – Gunter Deller

BEN, 1min, 2012 – Kuesti Fraun

BERLIN WALL: VERTICAL HORIZON, 2min,  2014 – Rotraut Pape

SHREDDEREDTREE, 3min, 2017 – Michel Klöfkorn