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INTERTYPES is an installation that looks at the cultural imprint of 3D printing in the evolution of printing techniques, investigating the historical and cultural continuity of these technologies. The work approaches the question of technological developments from a “remediation” perspective, that is to say, by the way past technologies influence those currently emerging, from the angle of media archaeology. How, for example, do past cultural/historical artifacts or accidents get “encoded” and carried over to our current technological cultures? There is also a reflection on the printed and moving image in history, as well as on the idea of veracity and more specifically of truth markers. 3D prints and simulacra of historical artifacts also occupy the ambiguous space of these questions. Consisting of 3D and 2D prints, and computer generated videos as a narrative counterpoint, the installation borrows the traits of a science fiction that subtly unfolds before our eyes.

The way in which ancient technologies are linked to those we use today informs us of the constancy of a cultural filiation through time. The principle of connection is perhaps the key to this relationship of the past to the present – just as it is also the key to understanding the hyper present that is ours.