“Borrowing directly from the visual codes of advertising and commercial signs, my pictorial work is deliberately revamped. While exploring the multiple facets of fluorescent colour and its physical effects on the viewer (saturation, simultaneous contrast, glare), I focus on questioning the meaning of ordinary words. From these words, sentences or proposals, often chosen for their ambiguity or dichotomy, I elaborate textual frescoes whose monumental character and fluorescence impose a constant comings and goings between seduction and disappointment. Thus my painting wants to transform the painting into a presence that is difficult to sustain for the eye, an uncomfortable presence that causes both physical and semantic discomfort.

Adjoining formal painting strategies to those of advertising, my work thus questions our habits of perception, our way of seeing and communicating. He also questions the ambiguity between art and advertising or how the painting (any kind of message for a non-targeted audience) differs from the logo (a clear message for a targeted audience). We observe that the painting, leaving the field of clear ideas, then causes confusion.

The installation, whose title would almost announce a confidence, opposes a mural painting with several paintings. Almost self-centered, they keep talking about themselves. Thus, in this semblance of dialogue in the blatant colours that remind us of emergency signs, confidence vanishes. »



Photos / Bertrand Breuque