… a childlike or comic-strip style drawing delimits an empty area, which leaves us stunned, or which we mentally fill with the ambient sound. Using objects and strategies that could be associated with popular culture, it is in these evoked and thwarted spaces that an anti-spectacular atmosphere is created.

“Orchestraria seeks above all to offer a listening experience in the context of a gallery exhibition. For her exhibition at Sporobole, Marjolaine Bourdua wants to base her project on sound perception and narrative possibilities that she sets up through an installation device where a rotating scene and the muffled sound of a disco pull us to the side of lure and illusion.

In the exhibition space, the artist presents a manufactured scene and sculptural objects referring to it in order to accompany a sound space setting that highlights what is absent. If the motivation for the work is in this suggested and anticipated space, the artist develops a precise aesthetic that is both minimalist and raw. Thus, cardboard used in previous works, commercial carpet on an approximate stage, or acoustic panels in a mirror box, are used both for their plastic appearance, but also as clues to a back side of the set. These objects, which should be attractive, but are not, introduce the notion of deception into the heart of the creative process. A disappointment that could be manifested here by the distance between our expectations that the object and the soundtrack should represent and that they fail to show us, leaving us halfway between two worlds.

As the artist points out, “It is also a question of a festive atmosphere, but around which one can only gravitate without ever reaching one’s centre”. This is what the regular and latent twirling of the stage is trying to do, echoed by a kind of small miniature theatre: a cube padded with acoustic panels with a mirror that divides and amplifies it, serving as a model of something to come. There is also a small group of posters without text or a…


Crédit photo : Jocelyn Riendeau