Opening at Foreman Art Gallery : date to come

Artists : Kelly Jaclynn Andres, Tania Love, Maude Deslauriers, Gaëlle Elma

Opening at Sporobole : date to come

Artists : Caroline Monnet et Ludovic Boney


Les yeux dans l’eau looks at human and non-human relationships formed in proximity with water while tapping into a collective fascination with water’s vast connective and mnemonic capacities. Taking place at the Foreman Art Gallery and Sporobole Art Center, both located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Abenaki people at the crossings of the St-Francis, Magog, and Massawippi River, this project contemplates the connections created by and with water. The selected works by Kelly Jaclynn Andres, Maude Deslauriers, Gaëlle Elma, Tania Love, Ludovic Boney & Caroline Monnet demonstrate that water in urbanized spaces is part of a complex arena of interconnected ripples. As water gathers tales of the human experience, it traverses ecosystems, seeps and floods our homes, displaces masses, connects land, flora and fauna, cradles souls and nourishes bodies. Continually folding time and space, water remembers and pulls knowledge for generations to come.

Curatorial ponderings :


A virtual dimension has been added to the exhibition! It is now possible to visit remotely the part of the exhibition that takes place at the Foreman gallery, and this, from Sporobole. On its side, Foreman also offers the possibility to virtually see the installation Hydro, presented in our large room. Come and put on your VR headset!


Photo : Hydro from Caroline Monnet and Ludovic Boney

Credit : Paul Lighterland


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