I question the fragile relationships and imbalance we maintain with our environment, as well as its social organization. I am interested in communication codes and the relevance of the information conveyed. With bollards and panels of my own, I comicily introduce the human presence into its ephemeral and complex relationship with its surroundings.


With the COLLECTION 2011 project, Lerunningman combines symbols and words to recompose a communication that intersects the common signs between art, fashion and advertising. On January 20, the artist will propose a one-night installation in a rental space on Wellington Street in downtown Sherbrooke that will announce his future interventions. Then, for a month, two words and two backlit images will occupy the windows on the ground floor of the same building, propelling a message with multiple interpretations into the commercial artery. Thereafter, the proposal will evolve to extend into the city until April 3. For this third component, the artist, who usually uses painted aluminum to make signage panels, mimicking the usual material of this type of urban material, will this time use black duct tape on panels and vinyl to build a more raw urban signage that is located between the industrial object and the sculpture.

The artist thanks the City of Sherbrooke for its financial support.


Crédit photo : Jocelyn Riendeau