On April 3, 2015, Sporobole had the pleasure of welcoming two French artists : Joris Guibert and Marc Plas. A busy day and an impromptu evening during which Joris and Marc performed, followed by an improvisation session with Fred Dutertre, Tanya St-Pierre and Philippe-Aubert Gauthier.

For an excellent summary of Marc and Joris’ activities while in Quebec, consult the article (the first part) written by Joris in Turbulences Vidéo, entitled Chroniques d’outre-Atlantique. (pages 11 and following about Sporobole)


“I work with electronic (video) and electrical (light, shadow, slide) technologies.
I like video for its duality: raw and intimate capture of reality, or limitless pictoriality of the electronic image.

I approach these approaches through two forms of writing, performance and film.

Performance as “real time editing”: synchronic language, formalism based on the manipulation of the substance of the video image (processing of the electrical signal and the light matter of the projectors). In this way, I explore the experience of the image: the relationship between the image and the viewer, between the imager and the machine, through the relationship of gesture to pictorial matter.

The film, broadcast in monitor installations: the “concrete film” in spatialized montage (fragments linked by space), allows us to question the power of the visible, the relationships between representation and reality. Or the “film tableau” projected as a temporalized painting (extension of the stained glass window), which links the problems of painting, sound and cinema. »


Born on May 13, 1959 in Perpignan, he now lives and works in Paris.

He studied Modern Literature at the University of Montpellier III and continued his studies in art history at EHESS in 1984. He taught Fine Arts and Literature in Languedoc in Normandy and Ile de France, from 1985 to 2002. In 1982/1983, he taught in Malaysia and did radio work in Hong Kong. He has practiced and still practises painting, drawing, cinema and video. He is particularly interested in the relationship between cinema and video: “As far as my practice of video and cinema is concerned, the word “dramaturgy” would probably have no meaning and would have to be replaced by a less exogenous term, more appropriate to the constituent elements of the filmmaking process.

Experimenting with the hybridization of media, practicing the transition between media, is first of all to take into account the particularities of each of them and their irreducible differences. »