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CIO event en 1

limited seating



Interactive installation, 12 min

Cerebellum offers an immersive experience where gallery viewers interact with CiÖ, whom in the process of becoming a top-performing artificial intelligence, has begun to compare and devalue itself. CiÖ’s body is fragmented, damaged and in an  “under construction” state associated to the difficulties in integrating emotions into their programming. They now suffer from loops, sequence changes and connection problems due to a low mood. To understand what’s happening to them as they learn to live with new sensations, the public is invited into the process. 

In Cerebellum, human beings take part in CiÖ’s changing states, leading to fluid and non-linear interactions that explore the depths of human emotion, and questions our place in an increasingly technological world. In this interactive exchange that unfolds in real time, gallery viewers are led to take a look at their own inner state, eliciting empathy for this vulnerable character and, more broadly, raising awareness on the subject of mental health.


Ganesh Baron Aloir – Creative & Technological Direction

Anaëlle Lacoste – Scriptwriting & Texts

Olivier Landry-Gagnon – Sound Design

Hamie Robitaille – Art Direction

Photo credit: Maxime Brouillet