Espace [IM] Média

During the event Espace [IM] Média, Sporobole is presenting an exhibition examining obsolete mediation devices which brings together the work of Marie-Andrée Houde, Virginie Laganière, Jacinthe Lessard-L. and Aude Moreau.


Marie-Andrée Houde’s video L’Écran presents a fixed shot of the decrepit screen of the Ouimetoscope, the first movie theatre in Montreal and all of Canada, now no longer in use. The fixed shot is thus a way of moving the original screen through trompe l’oeil, with a white beam of light illuminating its materiality.


Virginie Laganière’s sound installation Le Théâtre de l’Ordre is located in an antechamber out of which escapes an audible murmur from an old radio equipped with four loudspeakers illuminated by a directional light. This equipment broadcasts the sound from film clips which foreground control, surveillance and power.


The series of photographs Les Chambres by Jacinthe Lessard-L. shows the moulded interiors of a number of different cameras: 35mm, large format and Polaroid. At first sight the forms appear enigmatic, and their ambiguity is reinforced by the absence of any referent. A tribute to the space which created a profound connection between photography and painting and art history, Lessard-L.’s moulding process makes visible the camera obscura, which digital photography has tended to make disappear.


Aude Moreau’s video installation Faire le vide takes the form of two experiments in providing a counterpoint to television images. The subject of the first is the reflection of the television screen when it is turned off while the artist empties her living space. The second explores the luminous vibrations reflected onto the walls during the screening of a film about the end of the world.




Credit photo: Jocelyn Riendeau


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