Superviser l’oubli (2019) – Sculptural, video and sound installation

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Superviser l’oubli is an in-situ installation that is simultaneously articulated in two places: both in the gallery space of Sporobole and in the adjacent Webster parking lot. In the gallery, an image-making device is presented as the workshop-laboratory of a personal memory. Objects are arranged, accumulated, classified, archived. In the same spirit as data in server farms, these objects are both information and memory. This system of recording and transmitting content is connected with an external reception point. Outside, the public can see the diffusion of these images, monitored inside a guard post – like a RAM, itself “stored” on an external support which takes place in the Cartesian space of the multi-storey car park which adjoins Sporobole. Analogical metaphor of the digital encoding and of the automated archiving systems that are the social networks, do we know that our memories – from now on uploaded in the “cloud” – do not belong to us any more?

Being connected today means “existing” in more than one place at the same time: our identities are duplicated and updated in real time as we interact digitally, in a back and forth between the network and ourselves. How do we escape from this recursive loop? By what means is it possible to take a distance? To observe the mechanisms that monitor, analyze and process our slightest gestures crossing over to the virtual?

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