Transmission I Cipher is an audio-visual performance musicalizing different patterns of transmission and conversion of information into rhythmic and sound sequences. Using a device of 15 speakers divided into three axes forming a triangle, each pole becomes a point of information transmission. Messages encoded in the musical sequences – words transformed into binary codes – are decoded throughout the performance, evolving from saturation to a gradual purification of signals. By saturation and purification, we must understand that the rhythmic sequences will go through a progression in terms of audibility of the sound contents, until words, initially coded, are dictated via synthetic voices. It is also a question of the formal course of the performance, that is to say of its perceptible sound structure.

Any code “is” information: it contains data. At the same time, what we call information is a formatting of data, which is also its own vehicle of transmission. By the setting in sound – then in words – of information, the work itself becomes a process of transformation in real time of the “vehicle” which transports them – thus questioning the intrinsic mutability of the sound matter.