Philippe Hamelin and Julie Tremble present La Colonne bleue, an exhibition which joins video, 3D animation and sound in a luminous landscape. The assembled works appear as enigmatic fragments of a world in which the real and the virtual come together. Indexes of an outside space that escapes observation, their structure and reciprocal articulation exude a kind of suspense.

For several years the work of Philippe Hamelin and Julie Tremble has been oriented towards virtual construction as narrative conveyance. There affect is never far from a vision, a drama or a manifest or latent fall. The poetic, contemplative and synthetic spaces they construct speak to each other like codes of unknown origin. Out of the points, lines, colours, frequencies, rhythms, inventions and models emerges a science without clear purpose that is connected to a mysterious form of epigenesis which multiplies the sentient out of its own circuits.

In 2012, Julie and Philippe, accepting an invitation from Dazibao, projected La Fontaine et la chute, a program which brought several of their respective works together in a videographic magma. With La Colonne bleue, they have created an experimental spatial narrative in which haiku and science fiction meet. Functioning as a point of contact between incompatible temporalities, their use of the gallery space creates trajectories which merge the distant in the immediate and emotion in the machine.

Artist talk Octobre 3rd 2015 – open to the public – free


Photo credits : Tanya St-Pierre