ABLETON LIVE training cycle

Trainer: Frédéric Dutertre

(7-hour day + ½ day studio per participant)

Training in audio creation with Ableton Live software. Used for composing, mixing, DJing, musical performance, recording and performative digital art, this software has become a must-have for many musicians, sound designers, editors and digital artists.

The course will be divided into two parts. The first session will be aimed primarily at beginners who want to discover the software and understand its fundamentals. The second session will take you deeper into Live’s advanced functionalities, through the analysis of numerous concrete examples of mixing, sound design, image work and performance.

Summary of what will be covered in this training cycle:

  • Discover the Ableton Live interface
  • Understand the software’s features (live and studio creation)
  • Explore sound editing and related parameters
  • Learn how to record and work with your own sounds
  • Learn about audio and midi effects settings
  • Create a live performance session with Ableton Live
  • Learn different composition techniques offered by the software
  • Familiarize yourself with the different principles and techniques of sound editing for video and film
  • Experiment with instruments, synthesizers and rhythm machines; samplers…
  • Learn about MIDI control options and live MIDI effects
  • Experiment with editing and mixing techniques

Target audience: artists in the digital arts, audio art, performance, sound design, video, musicians and producers wishing to acquire fundamental knowledge of Ableton Live.

Prerequisites: Participants should bring their own headphones and laptop (Mac or Windows) with the demo or full version of Ableton Suite 9 already installed. The demo version is available free of charge from the Ableton website. If possible, bring your own sound card for live recording and sampling.

Location: Sporobole, 74 Albert Street, Sherbrooke (audio lab)

Number of participants: 8 max.


Ableton Live – level 2

Intermediate to advanced

Course fee: $160.00 (1 day of 7 hours + ½ day studio)

Scheduled date: Saturday, March 14, 2015

  • Advanced editing, mixing and routing
  • Advanced automation
  • Advanced warping
  • Virtual instrument exploration
  • Exploring midi and audio effects
  • Micro editing and resampling
  • Different types of racks
  • Advanced rack functions
  • Working with effects and instrument chains
  • Macro functions and midi control
  • Introduction to sound design, methods and examples
  • Editing and mixing with video
  • Creating templates for live performance
  • Introduction to MaxforLive