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For almost two years, SPOROBOLE has been developing a specialized expertise in the creation of virtual reality projects. With the assistance of specialized programmers, artists can benefit from the necessary support to bring their creative concept to life. For the upcoming programming cycle, SPOROBOLE will accompany an artist in residence in the realization of their VR project.


SPOROBOLE is particularly interested in projects that reflect on the porosity of the boundary between virtual and real spaces, both conceptually and materially, and whose final form includes installation elements as well as a spatial setting.


The project will be disseminated in BetaLab mode, that is, in the form of a test bed. In this sense, the center encourages risk-taking and experimentation.


The artist in residence will benefit from 300 hours of support by an internal programmer.


The residency will last 12 weeks.

Target period: November 2021 – November 2022.