Opening reception : Tuesday, July 27, 2021

SCAMP: Mont-Royal is an interactive, non-linear and geolocalized sound work composed for a mobile application on Android and iPhone OS. It is the second in-situ version of SCAMP created by Heimbecker. Initially produced by Sporobole, SCAMP: Lac des Nations was commissioned for the event Espace [IM] Média that took place in the summer of 2019. Heimbecker created the interactive concept of the project, as well as the detailed and unique ambisonic sound. Like a palindrome, SCAMP was composed to be “played” in both directions of the recording – forward and backward – quickly and slowly, depending on the GPS movement of the participants moving around the site. The work consists of 40 layers of stereo field recordings recorded in a boreal shield forest similar to that of Mount Royal Park. The composition uses sound filters and harmonic processing layers, conveying a synthesized sense of nature and abstraction, as well as the company of a family dog, its heartbeat and voice.

Scamp was my dog.
She loved to run.
When I ran, she ran.
When I walked, she walked.
When I would stop, she would stop.
She was a good dog.

She loved to play.
She loved being outside.
She loved to walk by the lake.

She loved being in the forest.
She listened to the sounds of nature.

Would you like to walk with Scamp in the park?
She would be happy to accompany you!

Walk or bike… Just take the path (with your cell phone and headphones). To “play” SCAMP forward, start at the Cartier monument on Avenue du Parc. To “play” the composition backwards, start at Le Serpentin trail, avenue des Pins O., between Redpath Crescent and Peel Street.


App available for Android and iOS