10.02 — 26.04 / 2019

Opening reception : Friday, April 26, 2019 ‑ Meet the artist April 27 at 7pm


Come and meet the artist on Saturday 27 April from 7pm.

This meeting will be followed by an evening of sound performances. See this link for information MODULARMONDAYS.

This sound installation for 16 speakers was composed from a single instrument: the music box. The softness of the sounds of this object symbolizes for me the fragility, the nostalgia, even the memories of childhood, but also the rest, and the calm that invite contemplation.

music.box is composed of carillonning melodies that create a resonant halo on Sporobole’s building to challenge and seduce the walker. The latter can contemplate the work from a distance, but he can also get closer to the loudspeakers and experience attentive, even directive listening, while moving along the window.

In the end, music.box is a sound window through which we can observe winter and the poetic movement of snow.

/ Pierre-Luc Senécal


Composer, sound artist and music critic, Pierre-Luc is known for his curiosity and his inveterate passion for sound. His artistic production is diversified; he produces electroacoustic music as well as soundtracks for dance, film and theatre. Deeply inspired by rock, pop and heavy metal music, he infuses his electronic pieces with his sensitivity for lyricism and poetics.

His play Urban Gardens won him the 3rd prize JTTP 2017 and the 3rd prize SIME 2018. It was presented at the Sea of Sound (Edmonton, Canada) and MA/IN 2017 (Matera, Italy) festivals and performed at Soundwich #9 (Montreal, Canada) and NewMusicDay@Sonicscape (Yongin, South Korea). The composer’s work has also been broadcast in Sweden, Russia, the United States and Monaco.

Pierre-Luc Senécal is pursuing a master’s degree in electroacoustic composition at the Université de Montréal under the supervision of Robert Normandeau. His research focuses on the composition, mixing and mastering of an electroacoustic work on the theme of the Second World War. He is a recipient of the Master’s Awards in Research and Creation, Internships outside Quebec and Internships in the Field (FRQSC). In 2018, he spent a stay at the University of Huddersfield under the supervision of Pierre Alexandre Tremblay and completed a post-production internship at the Castelnau studio with Thierry Gauthier.