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14.06 — 18.06 / 2016

The Péril pollen presentation is the result of research conducted as part of an interdisciplinary master’s degree in art at Laval University.

In the process of this research, I question and try to deepen our relationship to the ephemeral through art, nature and the human being. At the same time, as well as on a symbolic level, I explore the collapse syndrome of bee populations around the world, evoking the danger that awaits humanity at the same time. To address this tragedy, I seek allies in different contexts, focusing on a form of outlet – art – to confront this implacable reality through creations destined to disappear.

I provoke multifaceted encounters involving the social universe of bees and humans. These participatory exchanges are promoted by staging that integrates play, food, art and nature. The significant contexts of Péril pollen are revisited during this final presentation through a video docu-fiction, documentary objects, a vibratory sound proposal and an edible element promoting a more marked public participation.


Luc St-Jacques lives and works in Sherbrooke. He holds a diploma in graphic design from Collège de Sherbrooke and a bachelor’s degree from UQAM in visual arts. He is soon completing a master’s degree in interdisciplinary art at Université Laval. In 2002, Luc St-Jacques received the CALQ Prize for Visual Arts in Estrie. The artist was also involved for nearly 20 years at the Horace artist centre in Sherbrooke. His artistic career has been marked by the presentation of several exhibitions in Quebec, France and the United States.