From June 22 to July 28, 2023, Sporobole welcomes artists Mathieu Arsenault and Véro Marengère in laboratory mode.


Limen is an audiovisual performance that combines 3D animation and modular synthesis. The project explores the transformation of matter and its potential for poetic and symbolic meaning. Through audio and video reactivity, the performance re-imagines the world of plants by putting them in improbable environments. By doing so, Limen suggests a botanist fiction in which its plant subjects are in constant transformation. Its sounds and images become entangled in a dance that is both intimate and visceral. The performance inhabits a liminal space of mutation where objects are never completely defined.  Together, they form a perpetual motion that occupies many states of being and proposes an identity that is relational and uncertain. 

In this performance, the music and video are both played in real time on stage by the artists. The sounds are made of loops of voices and flutes that are transformed using a modular synth and the images are created by animating 3D scans of plants and minerals. Both the sounds and images are produced using natural sources that are processed and rendered through digital technology. This creates an uncanny universe that oscillates between natural and synthetic.