08.11.2021 / 20.06.2022

Residency program for a piece in virtual reality, Marie-Ève Levasseur

In residency for the creation of a piece in virtual reality, Marie-Ève Levasseur proposes to explore a poetic science-fiction to merge with the Other,

change body, skin, slowly metamorphose into a hybrid being that connects with plant, animal and technological species. The creation of a fluid space without clear limits – a river, turbulence and indeterminate surfaces in which it would be possible to contemplate oneself – but increased by a certain mutation is at the heart of the project. In this virtual environment, the artist wishes to work on the idea of the fractured and refused human being by presenting the body augmented with a multiplicity of perspectives in a vision of symbioses and potential collaborations with the animal, vegetal, technological or indeterminate Other.

On a narrative framework that borrows from science fiction, different voices placed in the virtual space will express their own point of view on a utopian, feminist and non-human-centered future. These voices will echo the reflection of the mutated body of the person doing the experiment. It will be possible to see the reflection either on a body of water or on a smooth surface acting as a mirror. The artist envisions the work as an installation that includes olfactory and sonic elements from a wet, fluid and constantly changing nature (such as water, moss, leaves, etc.). These elements will contribute to the immersive experience of the narrative and of the whole situation thus created.