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/// Performance evening /// October 21st 2021 - 7pm

Opening date : 22 October 2020 ‑ 20h

Presented in collaboration with the Maison des arts de la parole, the works Filles de Cassandre and are part of the “Contes indociles” series, a research, creation and production project of tales in podcast mode that focuses on fictional content. The series questions the notions of presence, corporality and ubiquity of speech and body. For the redeployment of the “Contes indociles” in theatres, the collective is developing distribution strategies with or without the storyteller, in order to actualize a material presence of the sound performance.

Filles de Cassandre, by Céline Jantet, will be streamed through sixteen loudspeakers in the gallery space. This dystopian adventure at the height of the ecological crisis will also be the subject of a live performance with the storyteller and sound designer as part of the festival Les Jours sont contés en Estrie. During the performance, the storyteller will interact with the sound universe and the presence of the spectators. The questions of the presence/absence of the body and the female voice will be at the heart of this happening. Indeed, the creation will focus on the different modes of perception, between collective sound immersion and unplugged and individual address, and on the new interstices triggered by physical presences.

Upstairs, the multi room will host, a sound installation inspired by Paul Bradley’s podcast of the story of the same name. The collective proposes here a dreamlike adaptation of the premises of the agency which, after having designed a particular artificial intelligence, finds stories on the net, transforms them and creates new ones adaptable to its clientele. Thus, different stations and sound objects will broadcast sequences of the podcast allowing the listener to reconstruct the story in a non-linear way. At times, the machine will take control of the room and all the means of broadcasting. A veritable mise en abîme, the work takes up’s key themes, namely the ubiquity of the machine, the mystery, the process of investigation and the feeling of imminent death.

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