26.01 — 17.03 / 2017

Opening reception : Thursday, January 26, 2017

5 p.m.

You are warmly invited to Kim Kielhofner’s performance-conference that will take place on Saturday March 18 at 2 p.m. in Sporobole’s main gallery. This event is presented on the last day of the exhibition Mittelnacht.

Mittelnacht, through a series of drawings and videos, deals with memory, time, patterns, and the tenuous construction of fictions.  At the heart of the project lie multiple attempts to tell a story. Unable to understand an event from a single telling, multiple tellings across media were created. A collection of archival images, found footage, and re-enactments came together over several years to create the project.  A constellation of images guide the story, narrated by the artist, shifting through the landscape of the American Midwest.

For its presentation at Sporobole, the artist created an installation of these elements in the space, allowing another layering of re-enactment as visitors move through to collect the chapters of the story. As well, the artist presents her latest works created from this research.

In conjunction with her exhibition Mittelnacht, Kim Kielhofner will present a performance that will invite you inside her process and revisit the ideas and material presented in the exhibition. Combing through some of the many stories presented in the exhibition, she will present a series of texts, images, and videos. In their live iteration, these stories ask for a reinterpretation through alternative logic and associations.

Residency Project

During her time at Sporobole, the artist will work on the next iteration of her research.  She will retrace her stories and images and reinvestigate the pathways to their arrival points.  She will set up recreations and collect new footage to be used for creation of new work in conversation with the exhibition.



photo credits : Tanya St-Pierre