27.09 — 25.10 / 2018

Opening reception : Thursday, September 27, 2018

5 to 7 PM

It’s with a great pleasure that Sporobole will host Kevin Gironnay during a two-week residency in 2017. Kevin is the winner of the second “Sporobole Residency Contest” that was open to students at Université de Montréal’s digital music sector. During the residency, Kevin will compose a new multichannel work for Sporobole’s Sound Window which is comprised of 16 outdoors speakers.


Interactive and generative installation project for Sporobole

/ In the Air

Tune the music to its context.

Using a program that extracts weather data from Sherbrooke, the generated music finds its parameters (duration, pitch, intensity, timbre, etc…) modified by the weather parameters: a kind of mapping coming from the air.

Another parameter that changes the music is the time: the progress of the day presents different scenes that are the canvas on which the parameters drawn from the air come to influence. So a storm in the morning will make the sound window sound differently than a storm at nightfall, just as a sunny morning should sound differently than a sunny late afternoon. In the same way, music could very well see itself changed if it evolves during a weekday or a weekend day.

The nature of sounds is both microphonic sounds, even anecdotal, and electronic sounds. I seek this alliance, in addition to the correlation between music and weather / time, in order to give a more human character to a music which, like us, undergoes the vagaries of the day, the weather and time which passes by.

The goal is really to create an installation offering a music in accordance with the direct environment, its precise context. In addition to the conceptual side of this installation, I would like to engage the surrounding population, perhaps making them want to come and listen to the music on a particularly hot, particularly cold, particularly humid day, or during a storm.

– Kevin Gironnay