For the sixth occurrence of the residency project Interface: art/science, artist Erin Gee is immersed in the laboratories of the Quantum Institute of the Université de Sherbrooke. She works in collaboration with researcher Mathieu Massicotte, who is studying the combination of 2D materials and quantum technologies.

Specializing in new media and sound art, Erin Gee draws on the materiality of the human body, sound and algorithmic processes to address the invisible and embodied aspects of affect, communication and presence. Her work is based on neural networks, choral composition, ASMR, virtual reality, networked music performance and robotics, from a feminist perspective. She is currently pursuing a PhD in composition and sound design at the Faculty of Music of the Montreal University.


“As an artist working in new media and sound, I am continually inspired by materiality of the human body, the material of algorithmic processes, and material of sound itself.   Quantum physics is a thrilling new challenge for me, because the behaviors and logics of the quantum scale totally contradict things that we take for granted in the world of classical physics that we inhabit from a human perspective. When taking quantum materiality into consideration, what alternative voices, vibrations, and technological infrastructures are possible, and how does this map onto my interest in feminist theory and posthuman perspectives?” – Erin Gee