25.10 — 19.11 / 2021

86400 Seconds Time Zones by Chantal Dumas for the virtual sound immersion platform


86400 Seconds Time Zones is a participatory sound work that deals with the flow of time perceived through the human voice. Composed from the voices of 138 people counting the 86400 seconds of a day in 32 languages and dialects, the piece unfolds at the rhythm of the second. The work is the result of a challenging and singular performance by an ensemble of protagonists, aged between 6 and 78, who verbally beat time for each interval of 100 digits. 


First presented in our sound window during the 2013 edition of the Espace [IM] Media Triennial, the work is reworked here to be broadcast in a virtual immersive sound space. Through the combination of sound and visuals, all of the material in the work experiences a new iteration. In this way, the circulation through the time zones projected on the earth in revolution, puts in perspective a temporal cut in which the human evolves daily. And, above all, it highlights the richness of languages, their color and rhythm, as well as the unique personality of each counter.


With the participation of Guillaume Lévesque