30.05 — 19.08 / 2022
fête mi-carême

CREATION LABORATORY – Sainte-Johanne-des-Calvettes by André Gélineau

Sainte-Johanne-des-Calvettes is a creative laboratory where the voices and bodies of a small community sometimes clash, sometimes unite. The characters, engulfed in their habits, are uprooted from their daily life to be confronted with a danger or a threat. They are therefore left with their survival instinct. With a caustic humour and a raw and oniric language, the work questions the place of the individual in distress within an isolated community.

This lab transports theater into a space designed for exhibitions at Sporobole. An entire section of the research will examine the stage space as an installation experience. What happens to this space between representations? How can we conceive it so that it carries a complementary meaning when a spectator experiences it in the gallery?

The Sainte-Johanne-des-Calvettes project is inspired by the traditional carnivalesque celebrations of Mi-Carême in which noisy pleasures, perpetrated by masked partygoers, disrupt a period of penitence, abstinence and fasting. During these celebrations, still practiced in some French-speaking communities, the “mi-carêmes” parade through the village, from house to house, dancing and doing all sorts of tricks, while the guests try to discover who is hiding behind the masks.

Collaborators: Cyril Assathiany, Guylaine Carrier, Victor Choinière-Champigny, Ann-Catherine Choquette, Ariane Coddens-Bergeron, Philippe Descôteaux-Barrette, Éric Desmarais, Laurent Fecteau-Nadeau, David-Emmanuel Jauniaux, Rose-Anne Girard, Emmanuelle Laroche, François-Louis Laurin, Guillaume Lévesque, Marianne Roy, Simon Vincent.


Photo credit: The Canadian Encyclopedia