Sporobole's Residency for Sound Window

Kevin Gironnay

It’s with a great pleasure that Sporobole will host Kevin Gironnay during a two-week residency in 2017. Kevin is the winner of the second “Sporobole Residency Contest” that was open to students at Université de Montréal’s digital music sector. During the residency, Kevin will compose a new multichannel work for Sporobole’s Sound Window which is comprised of 16 outdoors speakers.


Project description

by Kevin Gironnay


I would like to tune the music with its precise context, his surroundings.

By getting the live weather data of Sherbrooke, and by taking the actual day and the actual hour, a music will be generated and musical parameters (timbre, speed, length, intensity, etc…) will be modified by the meteorological parameters (wind, temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, condition, visibility,…).

Music will literally be conditioned by what is going on “in the air”.