International Artist Residency - NY State


International Artist Residency / Agreement between the “Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec” and the Arts Services Initiative of Western New York.

Project description:

Printers contain motors which produce controllable pitches as the printer nozzle travels within the small space. During this residency, I will first compose a series of small etudes exploring the musical structures produced by the printing of simple patterns, shapes and structures on 3D and 2D printers. I will then develop approaches to amplifying and spatializing the sounds of these motors in a 3D audio space, so that the location of the sound in the space reflects where the printing head is within the printing space. Finally, I will work on composing longer pieces which take advantage of the nature of this unique instrument and its complementary listening environment and attempt to answer the following question: with these tools, can one compose music by designing shapes? Ezra Teboul