International Residencies

Thanks to agreements between the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) and international institutions and governments, Sporobole offers residencies to international artists.

These residencies afford artists time to finish or create new works of art during a two or three-month stay.

The residencies include:

  • A private room and shared work space, washroom and office. There are two adjacent bedrooms in the residency space. (images)
  • Sporobole can offer access to 2D and 3D printing laboratories (images) and to a sound spatialization laboratory (images). The access to the laboratories is determined by the artist and Sporobole, in relation to the artistic project.
  • Technical support can be offered, according to modalities to be determined upon the arrival of the artist.

As well, artists can, if they wish, present their artwork or offer an artist talk. These activities foster relationships between the resident-artist and the local and regional artistic communities. These activities are not remunerated and are not mandatory.