Fabulous Images. When Fiction Takes Root

Documentary Futurism, opening and performance
12.02 — 12.02 / 2020

17 h

17 h

The Foreman Art Gallery and Sporobole Art Centre invite you to a dance performance, followed by a short films screening at La Maison du Cinéma.

SPOROBOLE  /// 5-7 pm

The inauguration of the film piece In the Future They Ate From the Finest Porcelain by Larissa Sansour & Søren Lind will be accompanied by a dance performance by Marysole Gagnière & Annie Deslongchamps. The performance will start at 5h45 pm, and will last 30 minutes.

Drinks and bites will be served.

LA MAISON DU CINÉMA  ///  19h30-21h30

Short film programming Documentary Futurism by Cinema Politica

Duration : 98 minutes

Language : multiple, English subtitles

Free entrance (get ticket from La Maison du Cinéma)

Cinema Politica’s Documentary Futurism project seeks to usher in a new kind of filmmaking that brings actuality into conversation with speculation, and realism with the imaginary. Taking inspiration from Afro-futurism, Indigenous futurism, speculative fiction and non-fiction, the 15 films presented at La Maison du Cinéma inaugurate a new genre while deploying filmmaking approaches and contexts associated with documentary in order to imagine, speculate and represent future worlds.

This screening event is organized in conjunction with the exhibition Fabulous Images. When Fiction Takes Root, which examines the hermeneutical scope of science fiction as a narrative genre in the context of emancipatory discourses that foster ethnocultural diversity by bringing together artworks, novels, comic books, popular films and collectibles, all of which lie at the juncture of sci-fi and identity politics.

This event is co-organized by the Foreman Art Gallery and Sporobole Art Centre, with the participation of Cinema Politica and La Maison du Cinéma.