Intangible In-Between


Baron Lanteigne

Ahreum Lee

Enric Llagostera

Raphaëll Maïwen

Kara Stone

Santiago Tamayo Soler


Intangible In-Between is an exhibition that took shape thanks to a partnership between the Galerie Galerie, perte de signal and Sporobole centres, focused on residencies to create game artworks. After a first presentation in Sherbrooke at Sporobole in September 2022, the exhibition is to be presented in Montreal, at ELEKTRA and perte de signal from January 19 to February 25, 2023; then in the Saguenay at the Center Bang from March 16 to May 6, 2023 – in short, it is the subject of a micro Quebec tour.

In parallel, a publication entitled ART X GAME = JEU X ART = addressing different angles on the art game was produced by Sporobole, under the direction of Nathalie Bachand and Lynn Hughes. Bringing together essays by authors Pippin Barr, Liane Décary-Chen, Raphaëll Maïwen and Jess Rowan Marcotte – and referring to the creative residencies of artists Baron Lanteigne (Sporobole), Ahreum Lee (perte de signal) and Raphaëll Maïwen (Galerie Galerie) – this book accompanies the exhibition as a reflective supplement around art games.


Bringing together the works of six artists, Intangible In-Between is an exhibition of works at the junction of games and art. This in-between is a meeting space that promotes a porosity between art propositions, and those that belong to the world of video games and ludic interaction in general.

This third space offers different permissions. For a game designer, it allows for highly experimental forms and content, that serve as critiques and alternatives to the dominant tropes and mechanisms of commercial games. For an artist, borrowing the aesthetics and/or participatory nature of games, whether in a critical or celebratory way, activates rich references to the interactive cultural form that currently occupies nearly three billion people worldwide. The popularity of gaming renders it a privileged gateway to explore certain boundaries, notably those determining the real and the virtual.

These art and game interrelationships are intangible in the sense that they exist halfway between the two categories: they are indeterminate  “objects”, suspended in the temporality of a provisional and contextual connection. They are often, also, deliberately speculative in-betweens that constantly regenerate. This can sometimes mean they are difficult, ambiguous propositions – but then this is also what makes them fertile ones.  


Curators: Nathalie Bachand & Lynn Hughes


Photo gallery : exhibition at Sporobole, Sherbrooke, credits : François Lafrance