The platform named Jumeaux numériques is an ongoing research project at the 0/1 studio. It aims to experiment with the possibilities of a virtual space for the recreation of artistic places and the works that occupy them. Our researcher and developer are exploring different scenarios in which the types of works bring different challenges to digital reproduction. So far, two exhibitions in different locations have been digitized; they allow the study and research of the most optimal ways to represent each work in its environment. Light reflected on a mirror, presentation of works in virtual reality, a glass room where the lighting changes throughout the day, are some of the difficulties encountered in the design of a digital exhibition twin. In short, to orient its approach, the project is based on the following question: considering that the experience of a work is conditioned by the space it inhabits (architectural, territorial, etc.), how can we set up artistic documentation processes that offer an experience as close as possible to that lived in “real life”?


The Jumeaux numériques will be unveiled somewhere in 2023.


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