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Sporobole is an artist-run center located in Sherbrooke (Quebec/Canada) whose mandate is to foster research, production and dissemination of current artistic practices in the digital age. The organization supports the plurality of current, new, and critical practices that use, question, reconstruct, or revisit the very idea of the digital and its tools.

Sporobole favours long-term projects that integrate the continuum of artistic creation (research, production and dissemination) and that are developed in collaboration with the center’s team and interdisciplinary partners.

This support can take the form of research and production residencies, training, co-productions, dissemination projects in theatres, public spaces or unusual locations, or projects that combine all of these components. In addition, Sporobole has extensive production equipment and expertise in large format photographic printing, 3D printing and digitization, development and production of immersive or spatialized sound works, virtual or augmented reality works, video works and interactive and generative works.

Artists wishing to work with Sporobole have three distinct entry points.

1/ The first one takes the form of a call for project proposals that may touch on one or more of the artistic research, production and dissemination components. Artists selected in the context of this call for proposals receive a fee for their stay, royalties if their project is disseminated and a production envelope for the realization. To submit a project in this component, please fill out this short form.

2/ The second gateway is closer to a co-production model where artists have their own funding (or plan to obtain it) and wish to develop their project with Sporobole’s expertise. Some of the projects selected in this component may also receive a contribution and support from Sporobole that can take many forms. These projects can also receive support from the very beginning of their development phase through letters of support, reviews or financial and technical evaluations. To submit a co-production project, please fill out this short form.

In both cases, the proposals submitted are reviewed by a programming committee composed of Sporobole’s general and artistic direction, members of the organization’s board of directors and invited specialists. Artists may submit their proposals at any time. The committee meets quarterly to evaluate the proposals received. Only selected artists will be contacted.

3/ The last gateway concerns production projects for which artists simply wish to use Sporobole’s services without the organization contributing financially or in services to the realization of the project. This type of project is not evaluated by the programming committee and requests can be sent directly to the Sporobole team.


Image created by Tanya St-Pierre