The sound creation and video editing Lab is set up in a 900 square foot space specially created for this purpose. The power supply system is independent of the building’s and the space is soundproof.

It is an open studio that is completely modular according to the specific needs of the users. The acoustics of the studio was designed to be as neutral as possible while being slightly modifiable thanks to its curtain system and removable diffusers.
The studio, thanks to its easy-to-use and very ergonomic design, is ideal for sound artists, composers, researchers or musicians who do not want to sacrifice anything in terms of sound quality while being able to actively concentrate on their production work.

From recording to stereo or multi-channel sound creation, this space has been specially designed for sound installations, immersive environments and sound spatialization. We can respond to all requests very quickly in a friendly atmosphere favourable to creation.

It is also possible to do high-definition HD, 4K video editing, 3D video or 3D modeling on the studio’s dedicated computer if your projects require it.