2D/3D Printing

Description :

The 2D and 3D Print Lab occupies a vast 1500 sq.ft.space.

Prints are achieved by our qualified technician. The editions benefit from the technology Epson of pigmentary ink ultrachrome-plate K3. The working station has 2 monitors, including a NEC PA241W calibrated on a regular basis to provide  perfect color matching with the printers. The Epson 11880 allows a  60 inches maximum width. Images can be printed on great variety of media. Rates are calculated by  ft/sq measurements and vary from 5.25$ to 9$ according to the chosen media and the member’s status. Rates include adjustments and a color proof testing. Our working station is also available for rental with or without the technician assistance at very affordable hourly rates.

The lab also provides  the 3D printer Makerbot Replicator Dual Extruder. This section of the laboratory is equiped with a dedicated computer for 3D modelling with open source software. Objects can be printed in 2 colors.

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Artists that have used the printing lab
Louis Couturier & Jacky Georges Lafargue – Philippe-Aubert Gauthier – Tanya St Pierre – Katharina Anna Loidl – Michael Asbill – Le Club Photo de Sherbrooke

For a price estimation or to take an appointment for printing please contact our technical coordinator Gaetan Desmarais:



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