A new season of workshops filled with new features!

This year marks Sporobole’s 50th anniversary, and we’re planning to celebrate in style! Our programming for the coming season promises to be rich in varied events. Mediation activities and workshops will perfectly reflect this creative effervescence. To kick things off in September, an exhibition dedicated to artificial intelligence will open the ball, kicking off a three-year reflection project around this topical theme. We are currently working on AI-assisted creation workshops, both on our premises and in your schools. These workshops, covering photography and AI, moving image and AI, and AI-assisted sound and music creation, will be available from January 2024.

Autumn will also be the perfect time for the Sporobole workshop team, in collaboration with our partner Fonofone and psychologist-chronicler Nathalie Plaat, to launch an ambitious project. The project will combine reflection on adolescent mental health with photographic and sound creation. Taking place at Montcalm high school, the project will involve students from the arts, communications and photography departments. The project will culminate in a major exhibition at Sporobole, the first of its kind created entirely by and for young people, scheduled for November and December.


To ensure continuity in our program, Sporobole will of course continue to offer its two signature workshops, “Percevoir”, a mobile photography workshop, and “Silence on tourne: Faire du cinéma d’animation avec une tablette, c’est possible!” these will be available from September. The Fonofone workshop will also be available through our partnership with Cosimu.

Our vision

Sporobole’s workshops focus on digital artistic practices, covering fields such as photography, video, animation and sound creation. Customized for all age groups, our courses aim to integrate digital arts into education in a fun and creative way. We work closely with schools to ensure optimal integration into their programs.

Our mobile facilities and equipment enable us to welcome you on site or at your school. If our list of workshops doesn’t suit your needs, we’re open to creating customized workshops to meet your requirements.

The educational component of Sporobole is aimed at primary and secondary schools, as well as libraries, cultural centers, museums and educational organizations. We also offer training courses for teachers to master digital creation tools.

Digital tools are not only a means of accessing information, but also powerful creative instruments. Sporobole integrates these tools into its workshops to develop young people’s skills, stimulate imaginative exploration and encourage their creative potential, while promoting a healthy digital balance.


The youth workshops in digital creation at Sporobole



Images in motion


Sound and musical creation with Fonofone



Sporobole is listed in the répertoire de ressources culture-éducation and we participate in the program Une école accueille un artiste

Rates (before taxes) :

For elementary and secondary schools that benefit from the CULTURE À L’ÉCOLE grant, prices are in harmony with current policy, 515$ before taxes per day of work, up to a maximum of three workshops.

For other organizations and institutions :

  • 2h        465$
  • 3h        515$

For more information, please contact :

Erik Beck
Educational Programs Coordinator


Visit a space for artistic creation and presentation

We offer you a visit of our center to discover our production labs (2D, 3D, sound spatialization, virtual reality) and see the works in progress. You can add a photography workshop with an artist on-site to complete your visit! Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can plan your experience according to your needs.

Tour without workshop: free
Tour with workshop: $400

Déjà-vu : Sound immersion platform